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I will design & paint anything on your... hot rod, pickup, bike tank, furniture, house, shed, bicycle, boat, plane, gypsy waggon, steam engine... in fact, you name it, I'll paint it!

You can buy pinstriped hip flasks etc from the Dirty Bobbers shop

A bit of lettering on Pete Stansfield's bellmouth stack And a squashed iridescent beetle Here it is on Pete's Shovel
Pinstriping on Flamesey's helmet In red, silver and white  
Logo for British Ironworks Logo for British Ironworks Logo for Strathbran Speedshop
Pinstriping on reverse of hanging sign for Boneshaker Choppers, enamel on steel. Flying rod: decal design. Flying Heart: tattoo design
Flying harp mic: tattoo design Gold lining and hand painted numberplate on 1931 Harley Davidson VL bobber Gold lining on 1931 Harley Davidson VL bobber
Pinstriping on Triumph Trophy chop, enamel on matt black Sculpture: Head of artist Tracey Emin in clay, for carnival mask
© Strange Cargo Arts Company
Finished carnival mask of Tracey Emin, cast in papier mache from clay head & painted
©Strange Cargo Arts Company
Tiki: tattoo design "Space Kitten" - experimental idea for a carnival mask to be worn on the head. "Space Kitten" ... Manga meets the Thracians!
Skull & Crossed Spanners: decal design Pinstriped box: enamel on wood Pinstriped chair: enamel on painted wood
Pinstriped guitar Gob-Iron Simo's pinstriped leather case Pinstriped leather case
Pinstriped Harley Sportster tank Pinstriped rear fender for Sportster Pinstriped front fender for Sportster
Octopus: enamel on bow of diving boat Liver Bird: carnival mask forming part of Liverpool's 800th Birthday celebrations. ©Strange Cargo Arts Company Ishaq Helmibek was an Egyptian champion Channel swimmer in the 20s. Carved low density concrete block.
Pinstriped hip flask Pinstriped hip flask "Hartley", stag's head carnival mask
©Strange Cargo Arts Company
Making Hartley
©Strange Cargo Arts Company
Flying Spark: decal design Flying Whitworth: decal design
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