Traditionally designed & brush-painted signs & lettering - hard wearing and long lasting.

Gilding, lining, pinstriping, graphics, lettering & decor done the old school way!

· hot rods · custom bikes · classics · commercials · shopfronts · traction engines · showman's waggons ·
· fairground rides · narrowboats · house names & numbers · lettering cut in stone & slate ·
You name it, I'll paint it!

Sign made for Black Guitars, enamel & gold leaf on glass Black Guitars' "Tin-Tone" sign in place, Stoke Newington, London Some of Jon Free's brilliant biscuit tin instruments - check out his website: www.blackguitars.com
House number: gold leaf & enamel on door. Boneshaker Choppers - enamel on steel Boneshaker Choppers - enamel on steel
Indian logos on 1950 GMC 1 ton panel van. Gold leaf & enamel on satin black truck. Writing the doors, enamel & gold leaf.
Fish & Chips - enamel & blackboard paint on wood. Restoration: Glass signs rewritten for 1909 shopfront Restoration: Gold leaf & Keeps's Intenso on glass, using original pressed copper gilded letters.
Strange Cargo: Gold leaf, gold paint & Keeps's Intenso on glass. Restoration - showing broken glass signs and new replacements being written. Bass drum skin for band Gorilla - acrylics.
Gold leaf and enamel on steel. Gold leaf & enamel on wood. Lettering hand-cut in stone.
Marrin's Bookshop: enamel on steel Marrin's Bookshop: enamel on wood Marrin's Bookshop: enamel on steel
Nathan Jaggard's ironhead Sportster bobber Painting Nathan's bobber at the Hot Rod Hayride, 2009 My pinstriping box
Sandwich Guildhall Museum: gold leaf & enamel on wood. Lovick's: enamel on wooden facia. Old Town Gallery: enamel on wooden fascia.
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